The Merry Wives of Windsor - AN ONLINE READING

Titles and Stage Direction by Your Friendly Neighbourhood Shakespeare


MISTRESS FORD - Meghan Coates
FORD, her husband - Jamel Lewis
Their servants,
JOHN - Marisa Shlichtman
ROBERT - Robyn Heisel

MISTRESS PAGE - Estelle Clark
PAGE, her husband - David Chullanandana
ANNE, their daughter - Julianna Frasca
WILLIAM, their son - Christian Recca

DOCTOR CAIUS, a French Doctor - TJ Reissner
MISTRESS QUICKLY, his housekeeper - Suz Stone
JOHN RUGBY, his manservant - Eleanor Bennett

HOST of the Garter Inn - Justine D'Souza

Sir John FALSTAFF - Andrew Gelos
His servants,
ROBIN, his page - Laura Calandrino
BARDOLPH - Bill Nutt
PISTOL - Debbie Lockwood
NYM - Sandra LaVigne

FENTON, a gentleman - George LaVigne

Robert SHALLOW - Noah Stanzione
Abraham SLENDER - Michael Smith-Gallo
SIMPLE, Slender's Servant - Shakira Searle

And Your Friendly Neighbourhood Shakespeare as SIR HUGH Evans, a Welsh Parson