Measure for Measure - AN ONLINE READING

Titles and Stage Direction by Thomas Reissner, Technical Director


DUKE of Vienna, later called Friar Lodowick - Russell Slater
ESCALUS, a judge - Steve Anderson
PROVOST - Carol Holland
ELBOW, a constable - Emily Brennan
ABHORSON, an executioner - Andrew Gelos
A JUSTICE - Rachel Marlowe

ANGELO, deputy to the Duke - Michael Smith-Gallo
MARIANA, betrothed to Angelo - Caitlin Jurewicz
SERVANT to Angelo - Casey Lee Silidjian
MESSENGER from Angelo - Julianne Fröhlich

ISABELLA, a novice in the Order of Saint Claire - Sarah Decker
FRANCISCA, a nun - Rachel Marlowe

CLAUDIO, brother to Isabella - Will DeJianne
LUCIO, friend to Claudio - Patrick Brockway
FIRST GENTLEMAN, associate of Lucio - Casey Lee Silidjian

FRIAR THOMAS - Julianne Fröhlich
FRIAR PETER - Rachel Marlowe

Mistress Overdone, a BAWD - Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg
POMPEY the Clown, her servant - Shakira Searle
FROTH, Pompey's customer - Julianne Fröhlich
BARNARDINE, a Prisoner - Casey Lee Silidjian