Oliver Kilbourn - Michael Smith-Gallo
Harry Wilson - Kyle Marr
Robert Lyon - E. Dale Smith-Gallo
Young Lad - Patrick Brockway
George Brown - Bill Nutt
Jimmy Floyd - TJ Reissner

Susan Parks - Emily Brennan
Helen Sutherland - Debbie Lockwood
Ben Nicholson - Patrick Brockway  

The People of Ashington, Live Sound & Vocal Production:
Emily Brennan
Johanna Erickson
Caitlin Jurewicz
Gwen Wark  

Directed by Claire Bochenek
Stage Manager - Guenivere Lenc
Music Director - Emily Brennan
Lights & Sound - Joshua Boyer
Scenic Design - TJ Reissner
Dramaturg - Emily Miller  

Students of Mrs. Janet Dunlevey, Chapel Hill Academy
Students of Mrs. Jill Rible, Kawameeh Middle School
Ali Renner