Two Gentlemen of Verona - AN ONLINE READING

Titles and Stage Direction by Thomas Reissner, Technical Director

VALENTINE, a gentleman of Verona - Will DeJianne
SPEED, his servant - Shakira Searle

PROTEUS, a gentleman of Verona - Andrew Gelos
LANCE, his servant - TJ Reissner
ANTONIO, Proteus' father - Debbie Lockwood

JULIA, a lady of Verona - Julie Gaarskjær
LUCETTA, her waiting-gentlewoman - Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg

SYLVIA, a lady of Milan - Emily De Rango
DUKE (Sometimes Emperor), Sylvia's father - Steve Anderson

THURIO, a gentleman - Patrick Brockway
EGLAMOUR - a gentleman - Maisha Elonai

HOST, a proprietor of an inn in Milan - Laurie Tanner

OUTLAWS, living in a forest near Mantua:
FIRST: Casey Lee Silidjian
SECOND: Daniel Menendez
THIRD: Bill Nutt

and introducing Merle as CRAB, a dog.