The Winter's Tale - AN ONLINE READING

Titles and Stage Direction by Thomas Reissner, Technical Director

Andrew Gelos - LEONTES, King of Sicilia
Caitlin Jurewicz - HERMIONE, Queen of Sicilia
Emily Brennan -  PERDITA, their daughter
Emily De Rango - Camillo, a courtier
Erin Gruodis-Gimbel - ANTIGONUS, a Sicilian courtier  
Davian X Arroyo - CLEOMENES, a Sicilian courtier / THIRD GENTLEMAN / MARINER
Meghan Coates - PAULINA, lady-in-waiting to Hermione
Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg - EMILIA, a lady-in-waiting to Hermione

Steve Anderson - POLIXENES, King of Bohemia
Shakira Searle - FLORIZELL, his son
Casey Lee Silidjian - ARCHMIDAMUS, a Bohemian Courtier / DION, a Sicilian courtier / FIRST GENTLEMAN  
Patrick Brockway - AUTOLYCUS, former servant to Florizell

Maisha Elonai - OLD SHEPHERD  
Will DeJianne - SHEPHERD'S SON
Lorraine Ruth Rosenberg - DORCAS, a Bohemian shepherdess / FIRST LADY
Gwen Wark - MOPSA, a Bohemian shepherdess / SECOND LADY