The Cast!
Sofia – Olivia Clavel-Davis
Doña Josefina – Claire Bochenek
Don Antonio – Patrick Brockway
Don Alfonso – Benjamin Hood
Young Sofia – Maria Rose Zaki
Young Josefina – Jadelyn Anderson
Young Antonio – Davian X. Arroyo
Raul – Jack Masson
Juan – Joshua Boyer
Maria – Johanna Erickson
Juanita – Sarah Decker
Alejandro – Nicholas Tomaselli
Dante – Paul White
Alma – Gwen Wark
Julio – Emily Brennan
Isidora – Julianna Frasca
Yesenia – Paige McVeigh
Carlitos – Aydan Salim
Isabella – Isabella Pepe
Felipe – Ryan Wellins
Elena – Casey Wellins

The Place!
A small market town in Spanish California

The Time!
The Late 1700s and the Even Later 1700s

The Crew!
Written and Directed by Thomas J. Reissner
Fight Direction by Patrick Brockway
With Costumes by Michele Bochenek

Special Thanks to
Pax Amicus Castle Theatre
Stan Barber, Karen and Rich Boyer

Johnston McCulley and the many other writers who have shaped the many legends of Zorro for 100years

All of the parents of our phenomenal younger performers